2023-2024 Season
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Coaches Code of Conduct

Moss Park House League

Coaches Code of Conduct 2024 – 2025

Coaches’ Role

  • To develop positive character traits and values.
  • Be an educator, place the development of player skill and knowledge ahead of winning games.
  • Be positive and supportive at all times., encourage team play.
  • Not to argue with referees’ calls. If questioning a call, speak respectfully and quietly.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from the game and arena.
  • Take attendance at every game and event. Contact players’ families when there are unexplained absences and remind them of the 3 game policy.
  • Morning League Coaches – create a 3 – 5 person Call Up List and provide it to the Convener by the week after the trade deadline. The list will be provided to the Afternoon Coaches.
  • To arrive 20 minutes before the game to help prep my team.
  • There can only be 2 adults on the bench. A Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. (If on roster and with prior knowledge, a Trainer may also be on the Bench,) Other parents are NOT to be on the bench.
  • Fundraising keeps the league open. Please actively support fundraising and remind parents/guardians of upcoming events/games.

I agree that I am responsible for the conduct of myself and any/all of my guests. The Moss Park House League will not tolerate any abuse of its players, volunteers or officials. Failure to comply with this will result in my removal from my role as a coach.

I understand and agree to all the points in the above.