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The Moss Park Hockey League (now Moss Park House League) was established in 1957 with the aim to provide access to hockey for children who, otherwise, would be unable to play.  It has grown exponentially ever since, now allowing upwards of 280 children to learn and to play hockey every Saturday for about 8 months (September to April) a year.


We are a unique league in many aspects. To our understanding, we are the only “free league” left in Canada.  By free, our costs and expenses are covered by a continuous search for sponsors and donations in addition to families fundraising with various activities throughout the year.  Whenever possible, we also provide each player with full equipment (minus personal gear such as jocks/jills and neck guards), again, provided through generous donors who give us their used equipment.  While the equipment is not always “pretty” it keeps our players safe and allows them to participate.


Our players come from a large variety of backgrounds and family types.  We have volunteer coaches some of whom began by playing in the league, years and years ago, and some who just graduated from our league. Many bring their young ones to join the league, making it multigenerational.  We have other players who come into the arena never having seen ice, not knowing what hockey means (some just recently arriving in Canada).


Some players move on to other leagues (a few have even made it to the NHL and won a Stanley Cup or two), and others who play for fun, until they get too old.  We have also introduced the “Teen League” which will allow players ages 14-16 to continue to develop their hockey skills and will also help the players build social/relationship skills.  The Teen Players will also be volunteering to help with our Timbits league.


The Arena generously donates the ice time to the league and has done so since the beginning. Without this, and the generosity of others, the league would not exist. (This saves us a cost of about $54,000!)



April Hodgins

Volunteer League Convener  Moss Park House League